Dust-Tight Drum Dumper Rated for Hazardous Area

This TIP-TITE® Drum Dumper suitable for operation in Class II, Division 2, Group E environments allows dust-free transfer of bulk materials from drums into process equipment and storage vessels.

It features a remotely-located hydraulic power unit with NEMA 7/9-rated main control panel, and two sub-panel enclosures of the same rating located on the drum dumper frame.

The drum carriage features rollers to assist with drum positioning. Once a drum has been loaded, the carriage hydraulically raises and seals the drum rim against a discharge cone. The carriage/hood assembly with drum is then tipped by a second hydraulic cylinder, and stopped with a motion-dampening feature at dump angles of 45, 60 or 90 degrees.

A low profile lift radius allows operation in areas with 100 in. (245 cm) of minimum headroom.

Fully tipped, the discharge cone outlet mates with a dust-tight, gasketed receiving ring inlet installed on downstream process equipment or on optional hoppers equipped with flexible screw conveyors, tubular cable conveyors or pneumatic conveying systems.

Once the discharge cone is mated to the receiving ring, a pneumatically-actuated slide gate valve is opened, allowing material discharge into downstream equipment.

The dumper handles drums from 30 to 55 gal (115 to 200 liters) weighing up to 750 lb (340 kg) that measure 36 to 48 in. (91 to 122 cm) in height, and is available with an adapter to handle smaller drums.

Optional pneumatic vibrators on the discharge cone promote full discharge of non-free-flowing materials.

"Class II, Division 2, Group E" is a North American standard pertaining to combustible metal powders. The unit is also available rated for other hazardous environments, and can be constructed of carbon steel with durable industrial finishes, with material contact surfaces of stainless steel, or in all-stainless steel finished to food, dairy, pharmaceutical or industrial standards.
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Flexicon's TIP-TITE® Drum Dumper with remotely-located hydraulic power unit and NEMA 7/9 control panel is suitable for operation in Class II, Division 2, Group E (electrical equipment suited for operation in areas with concentrations of combustible metal dust).