Manual Dump System Has Bag Compactor, Flexible Screw Conveyor

This Manual Dump System from Flexicon collects dust generated during manual dumping, compacts empty bags, and conveys bulk material downstream.

The dust-free system is comprised of a receiving hopper, dust collector, bag compactor and flexible screw conveyor (also known as a helix conveyor, screw conveyor, spiral conveyor or auger conveyor).

A bag infeed chute through the sidewall of the hopper hood allows the operator to pass empty bags directly into the bag compactor, causing dust generated from both dumping and compaction to be drawn onto the system's two cartridge filters. An automatic reverse-pulse filter cleaning system releases short blasts of compressed air inside the filters at timed intervals causing dust build-up on the outer surfaces to fall into the hopper, conserving useable product. Filters are readily accessed by removing the interior baffle, and replaced rapidly using quick-disconnect fittings.

The compactor employs a large pneumatic air cylinder to compress bags into a removable bin that accommodates 50 to 80 bags. The main door, and a flapper door within the bag infeed chute, are equipped with safety interlocks that prevent operation of the compactor unless both doors are closed.

The hopper discharges into an enclosed, flexible screw conveyor designed to handle a broad variety of materials including free- and non-free-flowing bulk materials from large pellets to sub-micron powders, including products that pack, cake, seize, smear, fluidize, break apart or separate, with no separation of blended products.
Sistema de Volcado Manual con Compactador de Sacos y Transportador de Tornillo Flexible
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Sistema de Volcado Manual con Compactador de Sacos y Transportador de Tornillo Flexible
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Dust generated from bag dumping and compaction is drawn onto cartridge filters equipped with air nozzles that cause collected dust to fall into the hopper on a timed cycle, conserving useable material while protecting plant personnel. An enclosed flexible screw conveyor transports material at any angle.